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Right now Canada's Senate is making critical decisions about the fate of Bill C-69 and key laws that protect our environment: the Impact Assessment Act, Canadian Energy Regulator Act and the Canadian Navigable Waters Act.

You can help make sure there are stronger laws in place to protect our land, air and water; keep future generations healthy; and help Canada to respond to climate change and meet Paris Agreement commitments.

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Environmental laws Canadians can be proud of

Canada needs to keep this bill intact

Canadians including Indigenous peoples, scientists and resource companies have worked hard for years to help shape new environmental laws. Laws that work better for climate, nature and communities.

Bill C-69 won’t allow major projects like pipelines, nuclear facilities and dams to receive rubber stamp approval. It will help make sure decisions are based on science, not politics.

Bill C-69 isn't perfect, but it's a law that industry groups, environmentalists, scientists and citizens from across the country agree is a major improvement on the broken laws passed in 2012.

Unfortunately, the unelected Senate has passed a series of industry-friendly amendments to the bill that remove key safeguards for people and the environment.

Stand up for democracy and demand that the House of Commons pass Bill C-69 without the Senate's disastrous amendments.

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Demand better laws that protect our land, air and water. Tell our leaders to pass Bill C-69 without the Senate's disastrous amendments.

Tell our leaders to pass a stronger, safer Bill C-69 because...

It's been shaped by more than two years of review involving scientists, industry, Indigenous peoples and the public. 

It will give Canadians a more transparent view into how energy decisions are made.

It addresses many of the needs of Canadians, environmental groups and industry. 

Despite rumours, it imposes shorter assessment timelines than the current law, and that’s better for project proponents.

It ensures that Canadians’ voices will be heard on major projects that can impact the environment and the economy.