Tell Senators to 
Pass Bill C-69


"When you come into this world, you receive a full basket, and it is your obligation to pass a full basket on to the next generation."

 - Shannon McPhail is a Prince Rupert community leader who participated in the Environmental Assessment Expert Panel cross-country listening tour. 

Tell Senators, pass Bill C-69 because...


It addresses many of the needs of Canadians, environmentalists and industry.

Right now Canada's Senate is making critical decisions about the fate of Bill C-69 and key laws that protect our environment: the Impact Assessment Act, Canadian Energy Regulator Act and the Canadian Navigable Waters Act.

You can help make sure there are stronger laws in place to protect our land, air and water; keep future generations healthy; and help Canada to respond to climate change and meet Paris Agreement commitments.

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Contact us  to learn more about Bill C-69 and environmental law reform in Canada.  

Environmental laws Canadians can be proud of

It's been shaped by two years of review with Canadians, industry, Indigenous people and scientists.

Despite rumours, it imposes shorter assessment timelines than the current law, and that’s better for project proponents.

Canada's Environmental Laws Need Your Help

As you read this, an organized campaign out of Alberta is trying to mislead Canada's Senators by spreading wildly inaccurate claims about Bill C-69. The oil and gas industry wants to kill fixes to environmental laws and continue to avoid federal oversight.

If Senators are swayed and do not pass Bill C-69 we'll be left with toothless laws. We can’t let this go unchallenged!

In 2016, the federal government announced a sweeping review of Canada's broken environmental laws. After two years of expert reviews, input by scientists and urging from Canadians—including you—Bill C-69 made it through the House of Commons and is now before the Senate.

While there's room for improvement, Bill C-69 is balanced legislation that takes steps to improve how the federal government will review pipelines, mines, dams and other projects that impact the environment.

Tell Senators to pass Bill C-69 and put stronger environmental laws in place for generations to come. 

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Don't let Senators be misled by the oil and gas industry. Bill C-69 will help protect future generations of Canadians.

It will give Canadians a more transparent view into how energy decisions are made.

It ensures that Canadians’ voices will be heard on major projects that can impact the environment and the economy.