Tell Senators: I Want Stronger Environmental Laws 


“We worry about a potential disaster in Nova Scotia and what it could do to the seafood business, which is a huge contributor to the Canadian and Nova Scotia economy [to the tune of $1.8 billion annually].”

 - Nathan Blades is the general manager of Sable Fish Packers, on Cape Sable Island.

Tell Senators, pass Bill C-69 because ...


It addresses many of the needs of Canadians, environmentalists and industry. 

Right now Canada's Senate is making critical decisions about the fate of Bill C-69 and key laws that protect our environment: the Impact Assessment Act, Canadian Energy Regulator Act and the Canadian Navigable Waters Act.

You can help make sure there are stronger laws in place to protect our land, air and water; keep future generations healthy; and help Canada to respond to climate change and meet Paris Agreement commitments.

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Contact us to learn more about Bill C-69 and environmental law reform in Canada.

Environmental laws Canadians can be proud of

It's been shaped by two years of review with Canadians, industry, Indigenous people and scientists.

Despite rumours, it imposes shorter assessment timelines than the current law, and that’s better for project proponents.

Canada's Environmental Laws Need Your Help

You've been with us on a two-year journey to get stronger environmental laws for Canada. After expert reviews, input from scientists and urging from Canadians, Bill C-69 is through the House of Commons and is now before the Senate.

Improvements are modest, but Bill C-69 takes steps to improve how the federal government reviews pipelines, mines, dams and other energy projects.

We want Canadians to get stronger environmental protection laws so we want Senators to pass Bill C-69. But, with a critical change.

Under the new law, three regulators can appoint members to impact assessment panels. However, of these three agencies only the Petroleum Boards can nominate the chair of the panel. Why do the Petroleum Boards and industry get this additional power? Why aren’t our Atlantic Canadian representatives standing up for our environment, fishery and Indigenous rights?

Tell Senators to level the playing field and stop Petroleum Boards from having excessive influence. Then, pass Bill C-69 and finally give Canadians better environmental laws.

Ecology Action Centre, 2705 Fern Lane, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 4L3

It will give Canadians a more transparent view into how energy decisions are made..

It ensures that Canadians’ voices will be heard on major projects that can impact the environment and the economy.