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Tell our leaders to pass Bill C-69 without the Senate's disastrous amendments


It addresses many of the needs of Canadians, environmentalists and industry. 

Right now Canada's Senate is making critical decisions about the fate of Bill C-69 and key laws that protect our environment: the Impact Assessment Act, Canadian Energy Regulator Act and the Canadian Navigable Waters Act.

You can help make sure there are stronger laws in place to protect our land, air and water; keep future generations healthy; and help Canada to respond to climate change and meet Paris Agreement commitments.

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Environmental laws Canadians can be proud of

It's been shaped by two years of review with Canadians, industry, Indigenous people and scientists.

Despite rumours, it imposes shorter assessment timelines than the current law, and that’s better for project proponents.

Canada needs to keep this bill intact

Over 3 years ago, the federal government began a process that was meant to improve environmental laws, and Bill C-69 was introduced as part of a new commitment to safeguard environmental review processes, and as a way to safeguard Canadians from projects that could put our environment and a stable climate at risk.

But now, the unelected Senate has introduced 187 amendments to what has already been considered an imperfect bill. And those amendments run contrary to the original intention of the bill. They will significantly weaken protections for our land, water, and climate and they will also curtail the ability of residents and civil society to participate in impact reviews of projects that directly affect them.

If these amendments make it into the final bill, they cancel out years of public and Indigenous engagement and thousands of submissions from experts and community members.

We can’t let these amendments pass. At this critical moment, we must make sure our elected officials hear us loud and clear – the Senate amendments to Bill C-69 must be rejected. 

Bill C-69 is not perfect. But it is an opportunity to weigh the long-term risks against the benefits for each major energy project, and an important tool to help decision makers look before they leap.

Demand better laws that protect our land, air and water. Tell your MP to pass Bill C-69 without the Senate's disastrous amendments.

It will give Canadians a more transparent view into how energy decisions are made.

It ensures that Canadians’ voices will be heard on major projects that can impact the environment and the economy.